The Art of Influence Without Manipulation


 It’s Tuesday morning, and Dan is running a little late for his annual physical. He’s been seeing his doctor on a yearly basis for over a decade. As he puts the key in the...

Committing to Change


 It all begins with trust. Nothing else really matters, nor will any other tactics that are taught really matter, if there isn’t trust. Can the art of creating trust be...

Developing the Attitude of Humble Inquiry


When conversations go wrong, when our best advice is ignored, when we get upset with the advice that others give us, when our subordinates fail to tell us things that would...

Enabling Positive Relationships in Business Settings


Fostering the formation of positive relationships in organizations is a topic that has been well examined. For example, a search for the phrase “relationships at work” on Amazon....

Managing Quietly


A prominent business magazine hires a journalist to write about the chief executive of a major corporation. The man has been at the helm for several years and is considered highly...

Set Policy Without Rules


IMAGINE CONDUCTING this experiment. Put five monkeys in a cage with a bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling. Underneath the ba­nanas, place a ladder just tall enough to reach...

"The Moon Keeps on Shining" . . . and Other Ways of Dealing with Criticism


During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln was both greatly respected and greatly reviled. Blamed for causing the nation to plunge into civil war, he became the President people loved...

Are You Honest?


Someone somewhere once said, "Honesty is always the best policy." Really? Have you ever thought through the implications of that statement?Ever had a person say something to you...

Seven Dos and Don'ts for Projecting Credibility in an Instant


 You’ve got smarts and skills in spades, and you’re brimming with potential. Still, in a high-speed, hypercompetitive business world, you have little time to make a big...


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